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Do You Suffer From Acne?

Recently I have been speaking with many with acne issues. This is what I tell them.

Most of the time acne has a bit of a domino effect. You start getting acne, you freak out, try covering it up with makeup and then try fixing it with medication and all the products that promise to solve your problem. Typically the end result is tortured, overly dry skin that still has acne. Many of my clients complain about products they have used that dry out their skin too much and ruin it. And, of course, the acne issue has not been resolved. Too many do not realize the toxic ingredients that are in the products they use even when the brand is labeled organic or natural.

There are a lot of misconceptions about this condition. “Oil on your skin is bad for acne” is the most prevalent one I hear. Some oils are not the best choice for your skin if it is actively breaking out. In the last few weeks I have talked with many women who use coconut oil. But coconut oil can clog your skin if the molecular size is too big to penetrate your pores. Ever notice coconut oil sitting on your skin and not being fully absorbed? There are other oils however that can be good for skin and are quickly absorbed into the skin.

The skin is our largest organ; it is also the largest absorption and excretion organ we have. What we put on it gets absorbed within seconds, good or bad. It also needs to send stuff out. The extremely untechnical version is this - when pores are clogged, the bad stuff can't get out; it collects and you get acne. See the diagram below:

So what's the solution? Keep your skin clean and nourish it. That's what the Detox Mask and the Elixir Face Serum does. The Detox Mask is not super drying; it detoxes your skin while nourishing it. Dead Sea Clay has therapeutic value and contains far more nutrients and minerals than most other clays. Neem is an Ayurvedic ingredient that has been used for centuries for hair care, skincare, dental care and even eaten. It's also a great antibacterial. This combination attacks acne. As I have posted before, I was amazed to see a friends acne improve within minutes! Mayur products do not include fillers, water, or preservatives. You are getting the full strength of these ingredients. The Elixir Face Serum that is followed up after the Detox Mask gives your skin the nourishment it needs with a huge boost of Vitamin E and Omega oils. Exactly what your skin needs to heal.

In my opinion, going back to basics is what works best. Customers keep coming back to tell me the Detox Mask and the Elixir Face Serum saved their skin, so it is definitely a solution worth investigating.

Here's a client who stopped by to say thanks. She had a lot of acne issues last year and her skin is perfectly clear now using the Detox Mask.


Disclaimer: This article is intended to be a general resource only and is not intended to be nor does it constitute medical advice. Any recommendations are based on personal, not professional, opinion only. Individual results may vary. Please see your doctor before trying any home remedy.

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