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About Us

Peacock Mayur Naturals

Our cosmetics line follows the same philosophy as our skincare line and share many ingredients that actually nourish your skin instead of being toxic. We bring you not mineral make up, but the normal palette of make-up you are used to, but without the toxic chemicals. Every one is Organic, all Natural, Vegan and Gluten Free. 


We deeply value and put our customers first - your satisfaction is of primary importance to us. 

The Mayuur Naturals Story

Peacock Rising Mayur Naturals

My skincare journey began almost 9 years ago, soon after I turned 40 and the wrinkles began to appear. I used extremely high-end skincare products and my closets were full of them. However, the effect was not as I desired, and I took that to be the natural aging process. I then started experimenting with natural ingredients, the grandmother recipes that we shied away from as children. My Indian heritage came back to me. Natural skincare became a passion.  I spent all my spare time researching. Soon, I came to the conclusion that modern science and ancient methods like Ayurveda could be combined to bring about fast, long lasting, effective change. Being an executive at a corporate job, I was busy, and any solution had to show immediate results and had to be easy to use. Thus was born the Elixir Serum and the Salt Scrubs.

The result with the Elixir was so dramatic on my skin that I wrote an email to someone and asked her to stop Botoxing. I had a solution. Thus, “Ditch The Botox, Try The Elixir” on my website.

Fast forward to several years later, when I decided to move overseas. After a year of being in an extremely polluted country, I returned to the US in October 2015, very ill. Of my many issues, I had urticaria (acute hives) over 100% of my body – my scalp, the palms of my hand, the soles of my feet, even inside my ear. In my blood report, my histamine count was over 18,000. The doctor expected to see something around 100. My friends told me, in addition to the welts all over, my skin was grey. I was tired of medicines and I knew I had to heal myself. I started to make my Elixir again.


As I made my own, and I began to see the rapid change in my skin, I was reminded again, that contrary to my previous beliefs, nature cures far faster than chemicals and there are no side effects. As I observed my progress, I was again reminded of all the times friends and family would beg me to make another bottle for them. I also look far younger than my age now and wait staff always do a double take at my ID. And so, I had the thought that I could help others. Not being able to work a regular job due to my illness, at age 48, I reinvented myself to turn my passion into my way of making a living.


Thus was born Mayuur Naturals.

Peacock Rising Mayur Naturals

Mayur is a Sanskrit word meaning peacock. It is pronounced MAA-Yuh-R.

The peacock reminds us of our hidden beauty that wants to surface.  It is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. Our true self. Mayuur Naturals strives to live by the principles of this magnificent bird of integrity, dignity, endurance and inner beauty.

We bring you an all natural personal care, skincare and cosmetics line, that is produced in small batches. Using natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals, our purist philosophy is about feeding the skin and of achieving beauty from the inside out. Mixing ancient ingredients with modern science, we bring you a line of skincare and personal care items to address the challenges of modern living. The effects of stress and pollution affect us all, inside and out. Our products are aimed at detoxing, nourishing and protecting the skin, our largest organ. Many of our ingredients address nutrients that are lacking in our diet. All ingredients are carefully chosen for their healing properties and the minimalist approach ensures every key ingredient is delivered without compromise. Affirmations rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Each product is energetically charged. Thus, beauty from the inside out. 


Except for a few masks using milk and honey, all our products are Vegan, Gluten free, Phthalates free and Paraben free.  Addressing personal care needs of both men and women, most of our products can be used by either. 

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