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Earn Points While You Shop! Share And Get Rewards!

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100 POINTS = $5 OFF

Reward points expire after one year.

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What are Mayuur Rewards and how do I get them?


Mayuur Rewards will get you valuable coupons you can use towards your purchase. There are so many ways to earn Mayuur Rewards and they can add up quickly!!

  • For every dollar you spend on Mayuur, you get 1 point! 

  • For every successful referral you make to your friends and followers, both you and your friend gets coupons! 

  • Share on Facebook and get 50 points!

  • Share on Instagram and get 50 points!

  • And you get 200 Points for your birthday!!!

Remember to sign up at least a month ahead.


How can I share with my Friends and Family and earn coupons?

When you sign up for the Rewards program, you'll be given an exclusive referral link. Can't find that email? No worries - just head over to the app on and you can copy the link there under "Refer a Friend." When someone places their first order using your link, they'll get 10% off and you'll get a 15% off coupon! Share your link to Instagram Stories, your website, your YouTube channel, non-Mayuur Facebook groups, or anywhere else you like. 


Note: Because Mayuur Rewards are redeemed as a discount code, they cannot be combined with other discount codes. So if you have an alternative code to use, hold on to that for another time! Once you receive your referral coupon, you have 60 days to use it (or it'll expire).

Do my points expire?

Your Rewards points are active for one year from the date that you earned them. Once you redeem your Rewards points for your rewards discount code, the code must be used within 6 months (or it'll expire).


How do I redeem points?


Log in to your account and you will be able to review and redeem points. You will then get a discount code that you can use during checkout! That simple!

Do my past purchases count towards the Rewards program?


Unfortunately, Rewards cannot be retroactively applied. If you place an order after signing up but don't see your points, contact us via the Contact Us page.

If I make a purchase with two different emails, can I combine my points?


We encourage you to use the same email address when you purchase so that you can keep all of your points in one place. If you have multiple orders under separate email addresses, you can contact us and we will help you out!


Can I transfer my points to a friend?


Unfortunately, no. The points you earned are unable to be transferred to someone else due to system limitations.

Is there a limit on how many points I can get?


There is no limit on the points you can earn in our rewards program!

How do I get extra points?


There are so many ways to earn Rewards: for every dollar you spend on, and for every successful referral you make to friends and followers, you get a reward. Use your referral link to post on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. Share our site on your social media; don't forget to say something nice! We even reward you for having a birthday!! Points add up super fast!!!

Can I get the cash value of my points instead?


Points are unable to be redeemed for their cash value. Don't worry though, we've got some seriously amazing new products coming out this year that you will love!

I still have questions, who can I get in touch with?

If you have more questions on our Rewards program, please contact us and we will assist you.

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