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In the last few weeks I have had many meetings in various stores to introduce my skincare line. While doing so, I also got a chance to see what others are doing in skincare.

It seems everyone has jumped on the natural skincare bandwagon. It was a bit intimidating to be honest, seeing bottles and jars that seemed so high-end, the labels so sparkly. My labels on the other hand were definitely made by me.

As I left in embarrassment at my poor home printed labels, I did have one satisfaction. My outside may not glitter, but the inside was gold! My products had more powerful ingredients than most others. My lotions and potions are clean, potent and some may say, therapeutic. They work!

It’s not that the others are bad, they aren’t. Perhaps because of my journey, and because I have tried most of what I sell on myself first, I have had the advantage of experiencing over time what was most effective. When I returned from overseas, broken in spirit and body, urticaria (acute hives) was spread over 100% of my body including my scalp and the soles of my feet. In addition to having welts all over, all my friends said I looked grey. I had to fix myself quickly. In trying to do so, I made up a batch of my face elixir with less expensive ingredients but still very, very good and all the normal stuff they say you should use. After a few weeks, I made up the original formula of my elixir. Such a difference.

Since I started making my products, several people have told me to reduce the more expensive ingredients. I refuse to do so. Some have said my products are too cheap and people won’t take it seriously. I guess along with the label issue that might be true. Lol. But seriously, some of the stuff I see out there is so expensive! Why does everything that is Natural or Organic have to be so outrageous? It goes against something inside me.

Perhaps it’s my own naiveté. Much of what I have seen out there uses less potent ingredients and cost double, triple and sometimes 5 times more. Some products use more ingredients. It makes the ingredients list look impressive and substantial. And I thought about that. Thought about it quite a bit actually. Finally I came back to the following:

  • Stay with what you know works, it’s proven.

  • I’ve always been a fan of KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly. It works in life, it works here.

  • What would I rather have on my skin – 5% of a key ingredient or full strength?

Perhaps it is my naiveté and I’m sure these brands who have been in the market longer know better than me on what makes profits. But Mayur Naturals is about healing, about helping people. However, we are not a non-profit and we are definitely here to make a living. But a long time ago, a man, not via words, but by action, showed me that you can be generous, kind and honest and still make money. A self-made man who paid more in taxes than the biggest industrialists in the country - it used to get printed in the papers back in those days. I may not ever reach his success, but I can try to emulate his principles. And so, Mayur Naturals will keep its costs honest and as low as possible, so that it can reach as many and all those who want radiance in their lives.

That's my story and I am sticking to it. Do you agree? Let us know on our Facebook page what you think!


Disclaimer: This article is intended to be a general resource only and is not intended to be nor does it constitute medical advice. Any recommendations are based on personal, not professional, opinion only. Individual results may vary. Please see your doctor before trying any home remedy.

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