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It’s been so busy lately, sometimes 20 hour days, sometimes 38 hour day. Lol! It’s a lot of work starting your own business. But when it’s also your passion, it doesn’t feel like work.

This morning, while in the same busy mode I have been, I realized I have not been using my own products. So while having my morning tea, I decided to take just 10 mins out, grabbed a Dead Sea and Neem Mask, put it on while the water was boiling for my tea, made my tea and just took 10 minutes to relax. This mask feels really good. I feel my skin tightening, and I can feel it working esply on my cheeks which can sometimes get dry and bumpy. I love the smell. It has a calming effect. As Lavender and Clary Sage wafted up my nose, my feel good quotient went up, my creative juices started flowing. All is good.

My mind wandered through the years and all the fabulous remedies I have made for myself. Some have shown instant results. Funny memories of when my girlfriends would visit and I would drag them into the bathroom to try a new concoction I had just made. Their husbands going, what the heck?!! With a glass of wine, they pretended patience. But, when the wives came out, sans make up and only their fresh bare skin, they were always happy with the results.

Thinking of a new product to put out there for you all. It’s something I always use as soon as I get back from a sunny vacation. It takes away the sun damage and gives me an instant glow! Stay tuned!

Anyway, the purpose of writing this was to share how good it felt to take 10 mins out for myself. Well, ok, 5 minutes, coz I started to write this and still have my mask on! But, we all lead such busy lives, and now during the holiday season, it is much more so. It is easy to forget ourselves. The Lavender and Clary Sage is still working on me, so I’m going to take my own advice, take few, go for my shower and get the day going!

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