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Detox. Feed. Restore.

Back when I did different markets in the Boston area, one of my highlights were the various conversations with customers. I shared what I had learned from my own experience with skin and hair issues, and together we tried different products to solve a variety of skin problems. 

Between the users of my products and my own issues, we seemed to have solved most major skin issues out there - Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema and Alopecia. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, and want to try a totally natural solution, below are my recommendations. 

As a skincare company, we are not allowed to make medical recommendations, so always consult a doctor. The below are some shared experiences, you can decide if they resonate with you. 


I wrote a blog about Acne here, check it out.

The two products I recommend are:

- Detox Mask is excellent for cleaning out your pores

- Elixir Face Serum is also excellent to moisturize your face

Use these on a regular basis to keep your face acne free. Over the years, many mothers have bought the Detox Mask for the teens and young adults. Grown-ups can also get acne and we have plenty of those. I have had many clients who have had severe acne for years and it seemed hopeless. So many have visited me months later and to show me their beautiful break out free, healthy faces! It is important to hydrate your skin with clean products because overly dry skin can push out extra sebum which can clog your pores.

What Not To Do - use Coconut Oil on your face. People have differing opinions on this, but my experience is I will get a breakout. Pores on your face a smaller, and Coconut Oil molecules are bigger than other oils, so they tend to block pores. While our Body Butter is sublime on your body, it is not for the face. 

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