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Mayur Naturals Gives Back

March 30th is when my Grandad passed away. He was the glue that held the fabric of my family together. He left suddenly. I wasn't able to say goodbye. By the time I was able to get air tickets back home from the US, it was already too late. It was like my bottom had fallen out.

There are traditions and customs for death anniversaries in India. Being the opposite of the traditional Indian girl, I have no idea what they are. So, I will do what embodied this man most to honor his memory.

Mayur Naturals formally announces 10% of all sales go to charity. It's something I do personally, but today is a great day to formalize it for Mayur.

My granddad's generosity and him helping those in need (the extent of which was sometimes criticized) was everyday life to me. As an adult, I realize how precious this trait is among successful business people.

My granddad was such a learned man. He just knew so much and I am now discovering just how extensive that knowledge was. It was a given that this man who is in the Who's Who book, was brilliant as a Chemical Engineer as well as a businessman. But it went way beyond that. He was fluent in Sanskrit. That's like being fluent in Latin in modern days. Funnily enough, the herbs that I research for my skin care concoctions or things I now use to heal myself, he used all those years ago. This is way before Google, people! He just had all that knowledge inside him. He had seaweed imported from Japan. He would have Arjun Bark and Ghee at the beginning of every lunch. And his garlic eating days!!! That didn't last long since everyone yelled at him. :) He also had an infra red lamp imported. These are all things I now use to heal myself and I had to do a lot of Googling to figure out why they were good for me.

Cheers to an amazing man! I know you watch over me.


No matter how little you have, there is always someone who has less.


If you have a favorite charity that you would like us to contribute to, please email us here.

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